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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You Can Go to College - Part I

We believe you can!

Did you know that for every 100 students in the United States who begin ninth grade, 67 of them will finish high school in four years, 38 will go to college, and only 18 will earn associate degrees within three years or bachelor’s degrees in six years!  So, are you asking yourself how we can turn the numbers around?  The teachers and staff in SBISD know that all students are capable of realizing their dreams, and we want you to believe that too. 

Do you believe that you can go to college?  If you answered no, think about why. 

Maybe it's finances, or maybe you don't feel like you can't leave your family to attend school.  Whatever the reason is, write it down.  Sometimes just identifying why you think you can't go to college is the first step in finding a way to turn that no into a yes.

Now that you've identified why you think you can't go to college, let's talk about finding solutions to those challenges.  What steps can you take today to help yourself, to not only graduation for high school, but go on to college and thrive?

Believe in yourself!

The first step is to believe that the dream of college is possible!  If you want to earn a two-year or four-year degree or technical certification, you can and will.  Think about your answers to the following questions:
  • Who in your life do you turn to for advice, support or guidance?
  • What is your least favorite thing about school?
  • What is your most favorite thing about school?
  • What do you wish was different about your education?
Now, think about your answers. 

First, know that everyone faces challenges in their life.  That's part of the journey and process and facing these challenges is how we grow.  It's normal to feel confused, stressed or even overwhelmed sometimes.  Just remember you are not alone and you have a wealth of resources you may not even realize you have.  Mentors, parents, teachers, peers, and other trusted adults in your life are great resources for advice, support and guidance.  Talk to them!  Make a point to take time to foster these relationships. 

Knowing Yourself = Finding the Best Choices

What do you like about school?  What do you find interesting or call your passion?  Maybe it's playing a musical instrument or painting.  Or, maybe you had a blast building a robot with your science class last school year.  By targeting your interests, you're defining what you're passionate about, and focusing on potential areas for your college and career goals.

Maybe you prefer hands-on labs or interactive projects verse research projects or class lectures. By thinking about what you like and don't like you can better define what will work for you as you progress on your education and career pathway.

The better you know yourself, your challenges and your resources, the more prepared you are to make sound choices about your future! 

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