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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

12th Grader College Prep Timeline - Fall 2013

I'm going to be a high school senior this year, what are somethings I need to do this fall semester as I prepare for college next year?

  • Take full load of college prep courses
  • Meet with school counselor or college advisor to review HS /college require
  • Complete College Profile Packet Applications
  • Narrow your list of colleges (8 to 10)
  • Share your list of colleges with your parents, involve them in the process!
  • Develop a calendar of application due dates for private/out-of-state schools
  • Identify majors that most interest you!
  • Re-take / REGISTER FOR SAT or ACT
  • Create a list of whom you will ask to write letters and find out if HS has request process
  • Create organization system for your college application materials
  • Create professional e-mail address
  • Mark calendar with dates/deadlines
  • Continue participating in extra-curricular activities
  • Make copies of EVERYTHING and file!
  • Keep up your grades! Colleges do not accept D or F grades!
  • October 1st: Begin CSU application
  • Some private colleges require forms prior to application – submit if necessary Personal statement
  • Request letters of recommendation forms
  • Scholarship search and applications begin 
  • Develop a calendar of application due dates for scholarships – apply!
  • Male students applying for Financial Aid (FAFSA) must register with Selective Service -
  • Visit College Campuses & websites
  • Attend College & Transfer Fairs
  • Make a pact with a friend or two to help each other get through the college application process together!
  • Keep up your grades! Colleges do not accept D or F grades!
  • Nov 1st: Begin college applications
  • Find 1-2 people to review Essays
  • Send test scores to ALL universities or systems you applied to
  • When you send final SAT or ACT test scores, all of your past test scores will be automatically sent Letters of recommendation
  • Request letters of recommendation forms
  • Remind recommenders of due dates 1-2 weeks prior Scholarships / Financial Aid
  • Continue the Scholarship search
  • Continue applying!

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