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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's never too early to start college prep!

Students in 8th grade will soon be leaving middle school and looking forward to a relaxing summer before they start high school in the Fall. The last thing on their minds will be looking beyond high school to college. But there are smart moves families can take this summer to make the college applications process go smoothly.

It may seem like a long way off, but, ask any Senior, time flies when you're having fun in high school! Summer is a time to relax, a time for fun. No one argues with that. But summer is also a great opportunity to find something that is both fun and can be a stepping-stone to the future.

Families should help students find at least one enjoyable activity during the summer vacation before high school. Experiment with a number of summertime activities This is a good summer to try a variety of activities. Take time to thoroughly explore each before moving on to the next.

Be creative. This is where you sow the seeds for an activity you can become proficient in over the next four years. If you are doing an activity you love already, stay the course. But this is also a great time to explore new things. For example, you might sign up for two or three weeks swimming classes, followed by a week or two at a summer camp.

Focus on what you love to do!  Whatever you do, make it something focused that can grow into a meaningful extra-curricular activity. When it comes time to fill out college applications your passion for a hobby or sport can make a big difference. Colleges love to see commitment in both your academic and non-academic pursuits.

This summer is a great time to focus on an activity like competitive swimming, horseback riding, ballet or volunteering. Enjoy the summertime without wasting the opportunity by sitting around the house.

Have a fun and productive summer!

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