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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Your Journey Starts Now!

On any journey you have to start by doing a little planning. 

Your journey to college or career success is no different. 

Each week we'll be posting tips for you to use as you embark on this adventure.  It may seem overwhelming at times, but know that you are not alone!  You have teachers, parents and friends who care about you and want to help you as you plan for the future.

One thing you can count on - the more time you invest now in you future - the more you will benefit from your high school experience. 

Whether you plan on going directly to college after graduation, entering the work force or earning a professional certification or speciality, the work you do now will open doors and serve as the foundation for opportunities on the horizon.
It may seem like a lot of hard work...but think of how you are going to feel when you walk across the stage to accept your high school diploma.  Keep your eye on the prize and know your Spring Branch family is here cheering you on!

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