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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Academics, Attendance, Attitude and Work Ethics

What can I do today to positively impact my future?

Academics:High school graduation, college and career may seem like something far away but it's not. Challenge yourself academically and aim for high grades.

Classes you are taking now are geared to prepare you for college coursework. Expand your knowledge base by taking time to read and expose yourself to new words and vocabulary.

Attendance:Show up for class. It may sound simple, but it's critical. If you are not in class you are at a disadvantage to those you are. Employers don't want to hire someone who is not going to show up at work.

Your future boss or college recuiter wants to know they can rely on you and one way for them to check is to review your high school attendance records.

You may think that it has no impact on a future career, but future employers will differ with you.

A person's attitude about themselves, others and life can be a huge influence on landing that dream job. Someone who has a positive attitude will strive to achieve greater success in their job and be an asset to their employer...and who wants to go to work and have to listen to someone who is unhappy and negative?

Work Ethic:
Your work ethic reflects your passion and dedication. If you are interested in the work you do it shows. That's why it's important to take time in high school to investigate your interests.

You want to enjoy going to work and making a contribution...and your employer will take notice if you don't. By applying yourself to your studies and activities now, you succeed in building good work ethics. It's as simple as doing something you love!


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