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Friday, January 25, 2013

Career Insider - Software QA Engineer

I am interested in computers. 

What type of career opportunities are there for me?

A Software QA Engineer is responsible for assuring proper functionality of software products. The QA Engineer works with software developers and project managers to determine functionality requirements. Significant portions of a day in this position typically include working in and developing new test suites.

Education: Most employers seek applicants with a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related technical discipline, with some companies additionally preferring a graduate degree. While not commonly required, professional certification in quality engineering can give candidates an edge with the most attractive employers.

Career Path: To begin building a foundation for a career as a Software QA Engineer, pursue practical experience with standard programming languages and with testing suites. Adept written and verbal communication skills will complement an education and continued experience in software design.

Skill Sets: While it is necessary to be detail oriented and organized while working with code, a Software QA Engineer also must be comfortable with software design at the conceptual level. The ability to diagnose and solve software design problems is critical. People skills are required for effective communication with personnel involved in software development projects. Adaptability to a variety of programming languages and new technologies is also important.

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