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Friday, January 25, 2013

Career Insider - Executive Chef

I love to cook.  Can I do that for a living?

Executive Chef Jobs

Executive chefs perform supervisory roles in kitchens. They are responsible for menu selections, delegating work, pricing menu items, reprimanding kitchen employees and maintaining a safe operable kitchen. They actively participate in the kitchen during peak operation times.

Education: Most executive chefs have degrees in the culinary arts field. Completion of hospitality and leadership courses can help students hone their skills. Students must learn how to combine flavors and create unique dishes.

Career Path: Developing recipes and leadership skills will help build a career as an executive chef. A bachelor's degree will help candidates to have a leading edge on their competition. Taking advantage of internships with well-known executive chefs can prove valuable on resumes.

Skillset: Executive chefs must have strong leadership skills. Mathematical skills are important for measuring ingredients and adjusting recipes. Organizational skills are also a must. They are required to communicate effectively with staff members. If there is a problem with a dish, they may also have to interact with customers and resolve issues.

Where can I find out more?
A great resource for students interested in the culinary arts is SBISD's Guthrie Center.  The school offers students real-world learning opportunities that can take them to the next step in their professional career.

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