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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Get Your PSAT Scores Now...Plan Your College Visit Today!

The latest PSAT scores are arriving soon--here is the real scoop on what they do and do not mean for your college admissions search.

PSAT scores will arrive for anxious high school students this week. These scores mark the time when sophomores and juniors can begin to target colleges that are in range. Realistically, there are only 5 months left for juniors to visit colleges before campuses empty out in the first week of May.

In the fall, early action dates begin a few weeks after school opens, and many colleges are filling 30-70% of their seats in that round. So, starting your visits in junior year is critical. If your school is slow about handing out scores, you may want to go online and get them. Then, how do you interpret your PSAT scores and use them to launch your college search? Read more...

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