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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What is the EXPLORE Test?

The ACT EXPLORE Test is designed to help 8th graders explore a broad range of options for their future. It prepares students not only for high school coursework but for their post-high school choices as well.

The test has four subject areas: English, Math, Reading and Science.  Students are tested using multiple choice questions in each subject area.
SubjectNumber of QuestionsHow Long It Takes
English4030 minutes
Math3030 minutes
Reading3030 minutes
Science2830 minutes


  • EXPLORE helps your students plan ahead by identifying content areas they may need to improve and by helping them choose high school courses that will prepare them for college.
  • EXPLORE is a valuable advising tool that provides focus for more effective parental involvement when reviewing students’ academic progress and post secondary options.
For more information about the EXPLORE Test, click here.

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